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Duct Cleaning

You may have heard about a friend or neighbor having their air ducts cleaned or thought about having it done in your own home. You may have asked why would I need my air ducts cleaned. The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risk to public health and 87% of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their home and outdoors.

These are just a few reasons why Air duct cleaning should be a routine part of your home's cleaning and maintenance. Considering most people spend 60 to 90% of their time indoors and children breathe 50% more air per pound then adults, Indoor air quality is a major factor in your family's health and safety.

With modern homes being more airtight than ever, with little outside ventilation, your ductwork could be a trap for dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander.

According to studies done by the EPA, indoor air quality is two to five times worse in the home and outdoors. Having the air ducts in your home clean is a simple process with the Rotobrush Air duct cleaning equipment. Once you have the duct work inspected to ensure you need the service, your registers will be removed and cleaned. Next, the supply and trunk line will be safely cleaned using the vacuum removal method or negative air method. The Rotobrush equipment has HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of particles that have a size of three millionths of the meter or larger.

Despite the many adverse affects known to be associated with indoor air pollution, over half of all Americans are unaware that poor IAQ is one of the top five most urgent environmental risks to public health.

Indoor Air Quality Facts and Statistics*

*Source: AirAdvice State of Our Indoor Air Report

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